A Look Inside the Harassment Culture in Sacramento


Frank Erb is a pastor to legislators, staff, and lobbyists in California's state capitol. Behind heavy, ornate doors he holds nonpartisan Bible studies, meets privately with members of both caucuses, and prays with them about career moves, infighting, or family troubles. He is used to handling secrets.

The sexual assault accusations flooding Sacramento are becoming an important issue in his meetings. He has the immense pastoral challenge of sometimes counseling and praying with the accused, as well as counseling the network of colleagues who try to untangle their loyalties.

The accusations are part of a broken culture in the capitol--one of "late night events, alcohol, separation from families, flirtatious legislators, staff and lobbyists"--that Erb has been ministering to for years. There is a profound spiritual need among political leaders that should be a higher priority for Christians than lobbying for specific policies.

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